Frequently asked questions

How much does a SmoothDocs license cost?

Each license costs $79.95 USD.
What is the difference between the free version of SmoothDocs and the Pro version?

The free version of SmoothDocs limits templates to ten document sections and ten fields. The Pro version has no limit for the number of sections or fields.
How do I update my copy of SmoothDocs?

Download the most recent version here. Running the installer will update your existing version automatically.
Is it possible to import a Word document into SmoothDocs?

Yes. SmoothDocs is capable of importing text files saved in the RTF format. Popular word processors like Microsoft Word, Wordperfect and Open Office all have the ability to save documents to the RTF format.
Can a page break be inserted into a SmoothDocs document?

Yes. When creating a template, users can select sections which will be printed on new pages.
Does SmoothDocs include a page numbering feature?

Yes. SmoothDocs provides a page numbering and automatic date stamp feature in the header/footer option.
Can SmoothDocs produce files which can be opened in Word?

Yes. SmoothDocs can export documents to the RTF file format. These files can be opened by all major word processors, including Microsoft Word.
Is there a server or web based version of SmoothDocs?

No. SmoothDocs is a standalone desktop application.
Does SmoothDocs have database connectivity?

No. The software uses standalone files to read and writes documents/templates.
Can SmoothDocs files be shared with others?

Yes. SmoothDocs templates and documents can be saved and emailed like standard computer files. Any user with SmoothDocs installed can open these files.
Where did the Mac version go?

The Mac version was discontinued in 2014. You can download the last Mac version (2.2) here.