SmoothDocs is a fast, easy and powerful document assembly solution.

Create templates for your frequently used documents. Use those templates to realize huge time savings every time a new document is created.

The Template Manager

Easily construct customizable templates. Divide your text in to sections which can be added to a document in any order. Add custom fields which are updated each time a document is created.

Create sections  of text which can be used to customize documents.  Use five unique field  types to add flexibility to your template.  What you see is what you  get text editor.

Use fields to customize a document

There are five different field types. Choose from standard text fields and multiple choice fields which are completed with user input. Numbering and date/time fields are automatically handled by SmoothDocs behind the scenes.
Standard Field - User is prompted to input  text.  Multiple Choice Field - Create a list of options for a user to  select from.  Numbered Field - SmoothDocs automatically keeps count of a  numbering sequence (ie 1, 2, 3, 4) throughout a document.  Date Field -  Automatically updated based on the date a document is created.  Time  Field - Automatically records the time a document is created.

The Document Builder

Create documents from your templates. Decide which sections to include in your document. Update fields with the text of your choice. Manually change any document text as you see fit.
Used to Create Documents from Templates.  Update  fields imported from your template.  Choose sections included in your  final document.  Document text is easy to edit.

The New Document Wizard

The fastest method for generating new documents. Select a template and follow screen-by-screen guides to produce your document. No heavy lifting required.
The New Document Wizard - 1.  Choose a template 2. Pick your text sections 3. Update your fields 4. Finished!

Finalize Your Document

Print the document. Open it in Microsoft Word. Save it as an email attachment. Export the document to a PDF file. Copy the entire document and paste into the body of an email.
What  can you do with a document in SmoothDocs?  Print it.  Export to your  favorite word processor. Save to a PDF.  Paste into the body of an  email.