What  is document assembly?  Document assembly is a system designed to  replace the process of manually filling out repetitive documents.  How  does it work?  Using special software, a template is created which is  later customized with user input each time a document is  created.  What's a template?  A template is simply a document that  serves as the foundation for other documents.  What does a template  do?  Templates contain static text which is common to all documents they  produce.  Templates also identify text that needs to change for each  document (like a customer's name for example). What  happens when it's time to create a document?  When a document needs to  be created with a template, a user is prompted to provide input for the  fields.  Advantages of using document assembly.  Only enter information  once.  Standardize language in documents.  Reduce errors.  Allows anyone  to produce complex documents. Disadvantages  to using document assembly.  Can be complicated.  Cost.  Not ideal in  every situation.  SmoothDocs is a document assembly tool that runs on  your desktop PC.  SmoothDocs leverages the benefits of document assembly  without sacrificing usability.  SmoothDocs is... Easy to Use - no  special training required. Flexibilty enough to produce complex  documents - Has no recurring fees; no other software required